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Recruitment You'll Enjoy.

People are not a commodity.

Community is key and it’s becoming more important the more we advance with technology. We exist, so you’ll have the service you deserve without the nonsense.

Whether you’re looking for a role or need to hire people you’ll get a simple and effective approach that takes away the stress of recruiting, saving you time and money in the process.

People over profit, always.

At Zygo, we want you to feel heard and supported. Our mission is simple: build true relationships where you can trust in us to tell you how it is, good or bad. We’re here to help you make the right decisions and succeed. Relationships over profit, always.

Simple & Effective Recruitment.

You’re probably fed up with how complicated recruitment can get. Us too.

Zygo is stripping the rubbish to give you a simple and effective recruitment solution that gives you the tools and support you need to succeed.

Our Purpose? To provide you with a stress-free solution that delivers.

How we work

We won’t bore you explaining how we are different from everyone else. Instead, we’ll guarantee you an enjoyable, consultative service with results that will surprise the most ardent recruiter-hater!

We do this through a partnership where together we take the time to understand you, your needs, and potential challenges and how we can get you from A to B with precision, in as little time as possible.

We’ll also help you build an internal circular recruitment economy so that you can hire faster and become self-sufficient.

The Zygo Way.

Step 1: Getting Your Message Right.

  • Organisation and culture debrief.
  • Recruitment process review.
  • Proposed hiring plan, timescales & benchmarking.
  • Strategic advice on all thing’s recruitment
  • + more

You’ll attract a diverse range of candidates as you’re positioned that speaks to the individual, not the masses.

Step 2: Creating The Approach

  • Ideal candidate identification and where to find them.
  • Job advert and job deck creation.
  • Implement process for reducing hiring bias and increase D&I.
  • + more.

You’ll get an average time-to-hire of 30 days + increased retention with people that align to your missions and values.

Step 3: Launching The Search

  • Purpose-built recruitment service that aligns with you and your business.
  • An inclusive process that focuses on candidate experience.
  • Interviewing and onboarding support.
  • Post-recruitment feedback sessions.
  • + more.

You’ll get up to 20 hours of your time back, per vacancy so that you can focus on your core responsibilities. 

Step 4: The Debrief

  • Recruitment process review.
  • Future hiring plans & talent pipelining.
  • Recruitment ‘gap’ consultation.
  • Feedback result session + change

You’ll have streamlined how you hire allowing you to become self-sufficient, reducing your agency spending.

Empowering People, Empowers Success.

The Shared Journey

Our impact is defined by seeing people and businesses succeed. It’s the milestones and the marginal gains and getting that warm feeling when you see the difference it made to someone.

We bridge that gap between companies and candidates, and no matter the outcome, you’re never empty-handed.

Innovation drives progress.

In the tech landscape, innovation drives progress, so your team should reflect that. Placing your aims front and centre, we ensure you get people that not only help you drive the business forward but align to your values and mission.

Sales and Brand, Elevated.

In today’s market it’s essential that businesses build strong customer relationships and brand narratives so that you’re able to stand out from your competition.

We help you identify sales and marketing professionals that bring your business, products and services to life creating emotional connections with customers that convert.

Meet the Founder.

Leigh - Zygo Founder

Hi, Leigh here. I’m the founder of Zygo. I’ve been recruiting in the tech industry since 2016. Like many people I ‘fell’ into recruitment and little did I know I would get so much satisfaction from helping people.

At my core I’m a people-focused, problem-solving individual. I live for innovation and collaboration and making things better for everyone. People and relationships always come first. Since my career started, I’ve helped businesses from pre-seed to enterprise, scale their teams, processes & operations.

I specialise in building teams with organisations that focus on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain across Tech, Sales & Marketing.

Zygo People | Recruitment Consultants

Whether you’re looking for a role or need to hire people, you’ll get a simple and effective approach that takes away the stress of recruiting, saving you time and money in the process.